Timing Belt Replacement in The Colony, TX

Proper maintenance of your vehicle’s timing belt is incredibly important. Many people tend to ignore the timing belts. Ignoring them and not having them replaced as part of the scheduled maintenance could be a cause of major failure of the engine. If the belt breaks it could cause serious damage to the car's vital systems such as the air conditioner and the power steering pump. If you wait too long and the belts break you could be looking at expensive and time-consuming repair services.

There will be signs that you have to look out for that indicate you’ll need a timing belt replacement. They include:

  • Loss of engine power
  • You are experiencing difficulties starting the car
  • A shaking car or a vibrating engine
  • The car tends to overheat
  • Squealing, chirping or growling noises from the belts
  • Signs of fraying, cracking and tearing on the belts

If your car is experiencing any of the above symptoms, it is time to bring your car to David’s Automotive Repair to have it inspected by the experts. David’s Automotive Repair has been giving the residents of The Colony and the surrounding areas, services for the past 30 years. With years of experience we have the knowledge and the expertise to handle any repair. We have managed to build our customer base through referrals through the great services we provide.

All David’s Automotive Repair customers are assured they are getting the best quality of service. We only make use of products from manufactures known for their quality services. Customers will also receive a 36 month or a 36k Mile warranty as a sign of our confidence in the services we provide. We are known for offering The Colony timing belt replacement service that is best in town.

What do the experts recommend?

Our expert technicians recommend that vehicle owners should follow the maintenance schedule that was provided to them by the manufacturer. This is a preventative measure to ensure that you do not wait until the belts break.

If you’re in need of The Colony timing belt replacement or have further questions, give us a call or stop by our shop, today!

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