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The Colony, TX – Engine Diagnostic, Service and Repair and Engine Replacement

Prioritize Engine Maintenance — David’s Automotive Repair

There are three steps to maintaining a healthy engine:

1) Engine diagnostics

2) Engine maintenance servicing

3) Engine repair or replacement, when necessary

Diagnosing the problems of a vehicle engine has always been difficult, because it is a complex machine. Modern engines are even more difficult to diagnose, because they are all computer controlled. In order to perform an engine diagnostic, you need specific diagnostic testing equipment and the expertise to interpret those results. Our technicians at David’s Auto Repair have over three decades of experience diagnosing engines and can quickly pinpoint any problems.

All you need to do to keep your engine in top shape is to bring your car in for servicing any time you hear strange noises, have difficulties starting your car, notice fuel inefficiency or the check engine light turns on.

Once your problem has been diagnosed by the best technicians in The Colony, TX, we will provide immediate engine servicing. Most of the time, engine problems are small, reflecting only some part of your engine working inefficiently. Many problems can be corrected by:

  1. Changing your oil

  2. Changing other fluids

  3. Changing the air filter

  4. Replacing spark plugs

  5. Replacing your battery

  6. Tightening wire connections or bolts

  7. Cleaning debris out of your engine

  8. Replacing worn belts

  9. This type of simple regular maintenance can greatly reduce or eliminate inefficiency in your engine and ensure that it runs smoothly. Sometimes these solutions are even all that is necessary to clear a check engine light, especially if your car receives regular maintenance. However, if your car has larger engine problems, the technicians at David’s Auto Repair have the expertise and equipment to solve even large problems. If necessary, we can and will remove your engine in order to repair any part, including snapped timing belts, damaged pistons, or even a complete rebuild of your engine if necessary.

In the case that your engine is so badly damaged that it requires major repairs, we also offer engine replacement services. This option can potentially save you money when repair costs would cost more than simple replacement. And, if we can find a new or lightly used engine for your vehicle, it better ensures that you won’t experience engine problems in the future.

Whenever we provide engine replacement for a vehicle, we are always careful to check the full history of the newly installed engine to ensure that you won’t experience additional problems due to the quality of the new engine.

If you have any questions about engine diagnostics, service, or repair, please contact us to learn more about the services we offer.