Clutch, Driveline, Axle Diagnostic and Repair

David’s Automotive Repair is the most reliable place in The Colony, Texas for all clutch, driveline, axle, CV axle, and wheel bearing diagnostics and service. That’s because we have the right tools and know-how (30 years in the business, that is) to diagnose a problem correctly from the start.

We believe that preventative care is the best care for a car, which is why we always start with a diagnostic. We’ll never fix what’s not broken, but we will be able to tell if your transmission or CV joints are in danger of breaking down. Come see us before your next big drive, or before the change of season and we’ll have a look at the following parts and systems:

Is your manual transmission slipping? We will start our Clutch Diagnostic and Repair Service by checking the hydraulic system in a process of elimination. A hydraulic leak or cable adjustment calls for a different set of protocol from a failing clutch. If necessary, we will disassemble and repair or replace the clutch altogether.

Car to car, driveline systems are as varied as transmissions. We have the experience and technology to perform Driveline System Diagnostic and Repair Service for any make and model that rolls through David’s Automotive Repair.

When it comes to Axle Diagnostic and Repair Services, David’s is The Colony’s source for professional, knowledgeable service. That’s important when we’re talking about axles, which keep the wheel positions steady under the weight of your vehicle and it’s passengers (and all the luggage and equipment you’ll need for that upcoming road trip).

Speaking of your axles, did you know that although CV joints are built to be long-lasting,CV Diagnostic and Repair Service is necessary, especially if you start hearing a clicking or cracking noise when your vehicle is making tight turns.

Wheel Bearing Diagnostic and Repair Service will help keep your wheel bearings doing both jobs perfectly. We will also make sure that your seals are leak-free, so your bearing remain lubricated and never contaminated.

Come to the right place the first time. Just like all services at David’s Automotive Repair, all of our repairs come with a 36 month/36,000 mile warranty.