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Full-Service Brake Repair & Replacement

When it comes to vehicle safety, nothing is as important as your vehicle’s braking system. It’s the reason why you’re able to safely navigate busy roads and intersections and without a functioning system, you wouldn’t be able to safely stop your vehicle. If you notice that your brakes are running into an issue, let the automotive team at David’s Automotive Repair in Colony, Texas inspect and service them for you. Our ASE Certified technicians and professionally trained service advisers will thoroughly inspect the entire system and provide your brakes with the repairs it needs so it can safely navigate Denton County. Whether you need to bleed the brake lines or have the pads replaced, know that we’ll have every service available for your vehicle!

Do You Have Bad Brakes?

Outside of having your brakes regularly checked and serviced, the best way to maintain a healthy braking system is to understand the signs of wear-and-tear/failure. Although it’s best to leave any repairs to our technicians, being able to identify any problems will ensure that you avoid smaller issues turning into big problems. Here are a few things that you should look and listen for when you’re using your brakes!

Strange Sounds

When using your brakes, there are three sounds you need to pay attention to — squeaking, squealing, and grinding. If you hear squeaking and squealing , that means your brake pads have reached their minimum level of thickness. At this point, a spring or “metal hair” found within the brake pad will be exposed and gently scrape against the rotor, which indicates its lack of thickness. Although you’re still technically fine, it’s best to have us replace your brake pads as soon as possible.

If you hear grinding , that means your brake pads have completely worn out and the metal calipers are clamping on the metal brake disc. This can cause significant damage to your vehicle’s braking system in the form of a warped brake rotor and deep grooves within the brake disc. Please visit us immediately so you can avoid any additional damage and an expensive service bill.

Spongy Brakes

When you have spongy brakes, it’ll feel like you have to press on the pedal further to activate the brakes. This is typically caused when there is air or moisture trapped in the brake lines. As the problem persists, the brake pedal will get closer to the ground so it’s important to have this problem taken care of as soon as possible. If not handled, the pedal will eventually reach the floor and you won’t be able to activate your brakes!

Schedule Your Brake Service Today!

Your safety is too important to risk a faulty repair or a poor inspection. If you need a quality brake inspection in Colony, TX, make sure you visit David’s Automotive Repair! Our ASE Certified technicians and professionally trained service advisors utilize state-of-the-art resources and industry standards to ensure we fully understand the condition of your brakes and provide the repairs needed. Give us a call at (214) 305-8069 or visit our shop at 4915 Branch Hollow Drive and schedule your appointment today! We’re right down the street from Perryman Park! We can’t wait to meet you.

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