What Is Fuel Pump Repair?


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Have you recently noticed a strange, whining noise coming from your fuel tank? Or does your engine sputter or stall at high temperatures? If so, you may have an issue with your fuel pump. Here’s what you should know about your fuel pump repair and why you need it.

What Is a Fuel Pump?

A fuel pump is a very important component in your vehicle. Its job is to make sure every fuel injector in your engine receives pressurized gasoline when needed. A compact electric motor within your gas tank provides the power the fuel pump requires to do its job.

A faulty or weak fuel pump won’t be able to maintain the right amount of pressure. Once pressure issues develop, your vehicle will likely develop a variety of performance problems. These problems will probably grow worse until you receive fuel pump repair services in The Colony, Texas.

What Are Signs of a Bad Fuel Pump?

Fortunately, a failing fuel pump usually gives many warning signs that are pretty obvious. They may include any of the following:

  • Low gas mileage

  • Failure to start

  • Whining noises that emanate from the fuel tank

  • Difficulty starting

  • Engine sputtering (especially at high speeds)

  • Overheating

  • Loss of power when hauling cargo or climbing hills

  • Low fuel pressure gauge

  • Surging

If you notice any of these problems, you most likely have a fuel pump issue that needs to be repaired.

What Happens During Fuel Pump Repair?

Mechanics replace the fuel pump by removing it through a panel that’s located above the fuel tank or by lowering it from the bottom of the vehicle. They also remove all EVAP system hoses, electrical connections and fuel pump return and supply hoses during this process. Next, they install the new pump and reinstall all other hoses and connections. The final step is to add fuel to the tank and test for leaks.

Once your fuel pump is repaired, you’ll probably notice a difference right away. Your vehicle will run better and will be easier to start. It should also obtain better gas mileage.

Is It Time To Schedule Fuel Pump Repair?

Does your vehicle need fuel pump repair in The Colony, TX? We’d love to help you out. Call David’s Automotive Repair during business hours or submit your appointment request through our form and we’ll get back to you soon.


Fuel Pump Repair
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