Understanding Interference Engines


What You Need to Know

All vehicles use a timing belt to synchronize the camshafts and crankshaft, but there’s a major difference between interference and non-interference engines when it comes to timing belt replacement. Compare these two engine types and learn where to turn for quality repair services in Texas.

What Is Interference?

Interference describes the position of the timing belt and its relation to other vital components, like your valves and pistons. Traditional engine designs are non-interference. In the event of a broken timing belt, these engines won’t operate anymore, but the broken belt is unlikely to cause additional damage.

An interference engine is far more compact and efficient. This allows it to reach higher compression ratios and performance features but adds additional risk. When a timing belt snaps, interference engines typically suffer from damaged pistons and bent valves.

Why Is It Important?

It’s important to follow the recommended maintenance steps on your vehicle, especially if it can prevent serious damage. Replacing your timing belt every 60,000-100,000 miles prevents a breakdown from leaving you stranded. In an interference engine vehicle, it also prevents costly engine repair services.

What Are the Signs I Need a Timing Belt Replacement?

Many of the signs of a worn-out timing belt are visual, so you’ll need to open your hood and find the location of your timing belt. Look for obvious signs of wear, like cracking, abrasions and other surface damage.
Keep track of your mileage and stop by a local mechanic after 60,000 miles to have your belt inspected. A trained mechanic in your area can offer you recommendations on replacement schedules to prevent major engine damage or complete engine failure.

Where Can I Have My Timing Belt Replaced in The Colony, Texas?

In The Colony, Texas, David’s Automotive Repair is a leader in affordable quality and reliable repairs. Enjoy timing belt repair services on your interference or non-interference engine with a three-year, 36,000-mile warranty. Schedule a service and find out how you can keep your vehicle safe and prevent additional damage caused by a broken timing belt. Stop by for a full inspection and other maintenance schedule recommendations to prevent costly vehicle repairs in the future.


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