Is Your Alternator Bad?


Signs You Need Repair

Most drivers know how to recognize when their vehicle’s battery is dead. When you turn on the ignition, the engine doesn’t come to life. Instead, you hear a clicking sound. What if we told you that the problem isn’t with your battery, but with the alternator? At David’s Automotive Repair in The Colony, Texas, we frequently help drivers who think they have a dead battery when the real source of the problem is a bad alternator. We want to help our customers better understand this component so they can make the best choices for their vehicle’s care.

What is an Alternator?

The alternator charges your vehicle’s battery while the engine is running. It’s the reason that your car and all of its electrical components stay on after traveling far distances. As long as your vehicle keeps moving, you’ll have unlimited power for your lights and other accessories. When the engine isn’t on, the accessories run off of the battery alone and may drain it completely. If you accidentally leave your lights on after parking your vehicle, you might know what it’s like to deal with a dead battery. But if a failing alternator is the real source of your electrical problems, replacing the battery won’t fix anything.

A bad alternator could quickly drain a new battery, and you’ll have wasted the money to replace it! That’s why it’s important to recognize when your vehicle’s issues are caused by something more serious than a dead battery. Here are a few signs that your alternator is bad!

Warning Signs

Dim Lights

Have you noticed the headlights, dashboard, or cabin lights flickering or dimming while you are driving? Surging power that causes lights to brighten as you accelerate or dim when letting off the gas is a sign of alternator problems.

Check Engine Light

An illuminated check engine light or battery icon tells you that something is wrong with your vehicle’s electrical system. If you see either of these warning lights on your dashboard, visit our professionals for diagnosis.

Stalling Engine

Fuel injection that powers the engine requires immense electrical power. If the alternator is going bad, it may limit the energy in the system and cause the engine to cut out.

Dead Battery

If you replace a dead battery and with a new one, only to find that the replacement quickly died out, you are likely dealing with a bad alternator. A malfunctioning alternator will quickly drain a new battery’s power. You’ll need specific alternator repair to fix the problem!

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