How To Keep Your Gas Fresh For Extended Periods of Time


Have You Let Your Vehicle Sit For A Long Time?

Leaving vehicles parked for an extended amount of time can have some potentially unexpected consequences, especially in specific vehicle systems such as the fuel tank. Keeping an eye on the gas in your car can keep you from having to pay for serious auto repair services down the road.

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What Happens To Gas During Extended Amounts of Time?

While gas can be stored for several months, over time, the chemicals within the gas can begin evaporating, which can cause the gas to be unsuitable for your vehicle’s engine. One of the leading indicators of gasoline breaking down is when it starts to smell old or becomes darker in color. Once the gas has reached this point in the evaporation process, it can potentially cause problems in your vehicle’s fuel pump and injectors and cause a significant decrease in performance and in some cases, severely damage your vehicle’s engine.

How To Combat Fuel Breakdown

Fill Up Your Gas Tank

One of the quickest ways to prevent evaporation from happening to your car’s gasoline is by filling up the gas tank. By doing so, this will leave less room for air and moisture to accumulate in the gas, thus, causing it to evaporate. By interacting with less oxygen, your vehicle’s gasoline is less likely to lose some of its volatile chemicals.

Add Fuel Stabilizer

Another way to prevent your gasoline from degrading over time is by using something called a fuel stabilizer. Fuel stabilizer is an inexpensive solution that can be added to gas and provides the gas with a protective layer to help slow the chemical breakdown from occurring. Adding a fuel stabilizer before you fill up your gas tank and driving your car for 5 to 10 miles will ensure the stabilizer is properly disseminated throughout the fuel system.

Schedule Auto Repair Service If Needed

At David’s Automotive Repair, we understand that auto repair is not always the first thing on everyone’s mind. However, your fuel system is a vital component in your vehicle and one that should not be ignored. If you think there may be an issue with your vehicle’s fuel system, we will take all proper auto repair precautions to ensure that your car is not only returned to proper working order, but it is running smoothly.

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