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The Most Popular Cars in History

Posted on July 6, 2020 in Auto Repair   Can You Guess Them? Cars can be a lot of work, especially when they need auto repair and maintenance services. But they also make life easier and more exciting—especially if you’re a car enthusiast. While modern cars are truly a marvel, there is something special about the automobile of yesterday. Here are some of the most popular cars in history, and what made them unforgettable. Ford Model T No one can dispute that the Model T was one of the most popular cars in history. It’s the first mass-produced vehicle that was actually affordable for the average American. It was built by Henry Ford in 1908 and still holds the title of the eighth best-selling car in all of history, even though it hasn’t been in production for over 85 years. VW Beetle Though it gave rise to one of the most annoying punching games ever (punch buggy, no punch backs!) ... read more


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