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Do New Cars Need Tune-Ups?

Advice from Automotive Professionals If you own an older car in The Colony, Texas, you probably already know that it requires regular tune-ups in order to continue functioning properly. But what if you just bought a new car? Do new cars need tune-ups? The short answer is “it depends,” but it’s important to understand why. […]

What Is Brake Checking and How To Avoid It

If you’ve ever driven on a congested roadway, you’ve probably seen a brake check performed or even been the victim of one yourself. This is when a driver in front of you deliberately and abruptly applies their brakes to force you to slow down. So, why do people perform such dangerous acts on the road? […]

The Most Popular Cars in History

Can You Guess Them? Cars can be a lot of work, especially when they need auto repair and maintenance services. But they also make life easier and more exciting—especially if you’re a car enthusiast. While modern cars are truly a marvel, there is something special about the automobile of yesterday. Here are some of the […]

How To Keep Your Gas Fresh For Extended Periods of Time

Have You Let Your Vehicle Sit For A Long Time? Leaving vehicles parked for an extended amount of time can have some potentially unexpected consequences, especially in specific vehicle systems such as the fuel tank. Keeping an eye on the gas in your car can keep you from having to pay for serious auto repair […]

Understanding Interference Engines

What You Need to Know All vehicles use a timing belt to synchronize the camshafts and crankshaft, but there’s a major difference between interference and non-interference engines when it comes to timing belt replacement. Compare these two engine types and learn where to turn for quality repair services in Texas. What Is Interference? Interference describes […]

What Is Fuel Pump Repair?

Repair 101 Have you recently noticed a strange, whining noise coming from your fuel tank? Or does your engine sputter or stall at high temperatures? If so, you may have an issue with your fuel pump. Here’s what you should know about your fuel pump repair and why you need it. What Is a Fuel […]

When Does Your Car Need a Tune-Up?

5 Signs To Lookout For Many vehicle owners want to take care of their cars and prevent extreme repair issues, but are not sure of the signs that their vehicles need some maintenance. It can even be easy to put off tune-up visits if you aren’t aware of how important they are. Here are some […]

4 Things To Do When Your Check Engine Light Illuminates

Follow These Steps You expect your car to operate smoothly whenever you hit the road, but there’s a complex mechanical symphony taking place under the hood. If one system stop working properly, it won’t be long before the harmonious sound of your engine degenerates into chaos. Fortunately, your vehicle’s computer has a way of warning […]

3 Signs Your Car Needs a Tune-Up

What to Look For Your car is a complicated piece of engineering, and each system needs to work together to provide a smooth ride. If things don’t feel right when you press the gas pedal, you might need to take your vehicle into a shop that offers tune-ups and other automotive services. While it can […]

STOP Human Trafficking Walk

David’s Automotive Repair is a proud sponser yet again, for this years Stop Human Trafficking Walk on October 19, 2019. Join us at 10am at First Baptist Church in The Colony to help support this great cause and bring awareness to serious problem effecting our community. If you can’t make it to the walk below […]