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Alternator Repair in The Colony, TX

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There is no alternative for your alternator. If it isn’t working properly, you aren’t going to make it very far. Before a defective alternator leaves you stranded, visit the master-certified technicians at David’s Automotive Repair. You’ll find us conveniently located at 4915 Branch Hollow Drive, in The Colony, Texas. We pride ourselves on offering high-quality repairs at reasonable prices. Call us at (214) 305-8069 or use our handy online scheduling tool to make an appointment.

Alternator 101: How It Works

Perhaps you’re wondering how the alternator, a single part, can alter your vehicle’s workings so dramatically. Here’s how it functions. The alternator is located on the engine. As you operate your vehicle, the alternator keeps the battery charged and powers electronic components and computers. Some drivers think it’s their car’s battery that powers the auto’s systems, but it’s the alternator! The battery’s function is to crank the vehicle, but it is the alternator that keeps those systems operating while the car is running. That’s why a battery goes dead fairly quickly if the lights are left on when the car isn’t in use. The battery cannot recharge itself, nor can it sustain a high-drain system such as lighting for very long without the alternator.

Signs Your Alternator Needs Repair

Although alternators last a long time, you can’t expect a part with this kind of demand placed upon it to last forever. You may notice tell-tale signs that point to a failing alternator. One common sign is uncontrollable headlight pulsing (brightening and dimming repeatedly). Another potential indicator is a squealing noise coming from your engine. Electronics such as your radio may go on and off or fade in and out, as well. Your dashboard warning light for the alternator or another trouble indicator may also illuminate on the instrument panel.

Your Best Alternative for Alternator Repair

Because they’re durable, most alternators last 100,000 to 150,000 miles. A few will go out sooner (60,000-80,000 miles), and some will last much longer. Reports of an alternator lasting several hundred thousand miles are not uncommon. How long your alternator lasts may depend upon your driving conditions, the quality of the part, or perhaps even factors beyond your control. When you do have an altercation with your alternator, however, your choice of repair shops is definitely within your control. For honest, professional service, bring your auto to David’s Automotive Repair in The Colony, Texas, for alternator repair.

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