About Us in Colony, TX

Our Story -- David’s Automotive Repair

A Letter From Our Owner

”For you to understand the culture we’ve built at David’s Automotive Repair, you first need to understand my story.

Since I was 14, I’ve been in the service industry. It’s what I’ve known for most of my life, and it all started at my Dad’s business. I’d work there throughout the rest of my time in school and I began to work on the vehicle’s the company used, which sparked my passion for automotive repair. Although I enjoyed working for my Dad, I wanted to do more, and I did so when I joined the US Navy Submarine Force in 1979. For the next 20 years, I proudly served and defended my country until I retired in 1999.

Once I retired, I began working in the automotive repair industry and even started teaching classes for it at a local career school. After I moved to Texas, I wanted to continue my passion for fixing cars and serving people. This, along with my success and my wife, Sharon, led to what you now know as David’s Automotive Repair!

At David’s Automotive Repair, we pride ourselves in providing you with high-quality services at a great value. If you’re tired of shops meeting minimum expectations and want a team that focuses on building personal, transparent relationships, know that our shop is only a phone call away.”

– David Nix

Professional Team

When you visit David’s Automotive Repair, you’ll be working with some of the best technicians in Denton County. How do we know this? Because of how much we invest in the growth of our technicians. Part of why they’re able to perform a full suite of automotive repairs is due to their experience and commitment to education. Outside of earning their ASE Certifications, we also have a comprehensive Technician Education Program that allows us to constantly train, update, and improve our employees and equipment. We also encourage them to find opportunities outside of our shop, whether it’s taking classes at a local community college or complete online training courses.

In order for us to provide you with the best auto care possible, we need to make sure you’re working with professionals who know what they’re doing. When you step into our garage, know that you’ll be working with technicians that’ll exceed your expectations.

Personable Care

In order for us to truly provide a great auto service experience, we need to surround our ASE Certified technicians with a team that can complement their talents. Enter our services provides, who possess an in-depth understanding of our services and how they can help your vehicle. By taking into account your budget, concerns, and your vehicle’s make, model, and condition, they’ll be able to provide you with a personalized list of services that’ll save you money and instill confidence in your vehicle’s performance and condition. And once our technicians are finished, they’ll give you a step-by-step overview of the services performed and answer any question you may have, all in a manner that makes sense to you!